The Sands of Time

5/23/2010 Shayoni Majumder 2 Comments

Sands of Time
Here I have referred Time as "Sand" because its property is just like sand ... none can retain these in one's hand, it gradually slips away. So its very important and necessary to wisely use it before it goes away. It is truly said that "Time and Tide waits for none", if left wasted, it leaves people remorseful for wasting it.
Time is not a thing or material ... it is i think just a feeling which touches us and goes away every moment ... moment which is marked by the end of the other one. Nobody can stop it, nobody can can bring it back. The time which has gone is gone.
The three divisions of time ever made by humans are:
Past, Present and the Future.
Past is like a published book in which you cannot do any modification, Future is like a blank paper in which nothing is there, it is a sort of void and last but not at all the least is the PRESENT, these are the papers which are in our hands right now. We can modify it, make it in our own style and many thing can be done according to your wish. We cannot do anything for the mistakes done in the past, but many things can be done so that it never repeats in the future. These all things can be done in the present only.
Be the good author of the book of present time, write it in your own way, keeping in mind about the errors in the past edition...

Here I have referred Time as "Sand" because its property is just like sand ... none can retain these in one's hand, it gra...


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