How to Stay Motivated in a Toxic Work Environment

3/25/2017 Shayoni Majumder 6 Comments

How to Stay Motivated in a Toxic Work Environment

It is known to all that most of the people are working in a job that they somewhat do not like or do not like at all. The unfriendly work environment makes such job even worse. Situations and people like your moody boss, nasty co-workers and bad company policies make your life worse than hell in your workplace.

But if quitting immediately is not your option and you want to go on with your job anyway because you have to grow your career and become financially stable or if you have a family to support, you have to find some ways to be at peace at work.

The best way is to not take things personally. People at your workplace matter only at your workplace; do not involve them or their opinion personally, especially if it is influencing you negatively. You have to fully understand and accept that there are things which you can change and then there are things you cannot. Whenever you feel low, reconnect with the purpose and goal you want to achieve in your life. It is the best motivation when you are feeling negative.

Now, whatever mentioned here is off course easier said than done. Here are some ways which you can follow so as to calm your mind and focus on your goals.

1. Communication

The first way is to communicate. If you are not able to understand something or feeling that you are getting into a misunderstanding, communicate immediately, do not delay. The longer you take, the complex the situation may become. Communication is also necessary to convey your message effectively and let others understand you in a better way. Be as detailed as it needs to be and speak professionally.

2. Stay Away from Drama

Yes, it is necessary to communicate, but not unnecessarily. There may be people at you workplace who love to create dramas and may also want you to involve. Remember, however entertaining these dramatic situations may seem, they always waste your precious time and sometimes energy. These situations may also give you unnecessary mental stress and thus making you unable to focus on your job. So stay away from dramatic people and unnecessary gossips.

3. Find Places to Relief Stress

Find a place or some activity though which you can relax yourself. A cafeteria nearby, a small break, lunch with a friend, a good book or meditation for a few minutes can do the work. Whatever you find relaxing, include it in your daily work schedule.

4. Establish some boundaries

Maintain certain limits for people at the workplace. Learning to say no is the first and foremost necessary. It may seem hard, but it will be worth it. Do not let anyone involve in your personal life unless they are really worth it. The place is full of office politics, so don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

5. Don’t Carry Work at Home

If you have already felt negativity at your workplace, why carry it at home. Home should be a place full of positivity and relaxation, where you can be comfortable. Try not to think and do stuff which you do at work unless very necessary.

It is known to all that most of the people are working in a job that they somewhat do not like or do not like at all. The unfriendly wor...


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