Whats Your Motive? Why do we do the Things we do?

7/25/2017 Shayoni Majumder 2 Comments

Whats your motive why do we do things we do

We run our lives by doing actions. We wake up, do our chores, go to our jobs, return, engage in entertaining things, and do all other things we can and what we have to do. But here the question is why we do the things we do. There are various factors which we know in our conscious mind. Also we do many things subconsciously.

We are motivated by various factors, persons, happenings, etc. We keep idols in our lives whom we follow. Even a small event in our day to day lives can inspire us to do something. You can find motivation in a small story shared by your friend, or just a sapling struggling to grow in difficult terrain or from your past experiences. We also do things in answer to an action done by someone else. For example, we express our gratitude in return of a small favor from someone or we laugh at a joke shared by a comedian. In this way, small or big motivations give way to our actions.

Our past and way of life also decide what kind of actions do we do. How are we brought up, our environment and our culture gives a shape to our thoughts and actions. If we follow certain culture, we tend to reciprocate the things taught us by people of the same culture. We notice and we learn them. This process comes naturally to us without any outside effort. We learn from our parents, guardians, siblings and other close family members in the same way.

Along with family, the next most important people whom we are so close to is our peer group – our friends and people of our same age group close to us. We have the tendency to remain as a prominent member in our group and we do things to keep that status or to increase it. Sometimes we do things which are pressurized to us forcibly or simple for not being called ‘cowards’.

During the day we feel and think about matters important to us or simply just because they come in our minds. Thinking changes the way we feel about a subject or a person. Hence, our actions differ for different persons in different situations. Some feelings make us avoid someone. On the other hand some feelings such as love and attraction make us go close to someone.

Hence the answer comes – we do things because of people around us, to answer to any action done to us, in response to feelings associated to a place, person or situation, because of our habits or sometimes without even thinking anything because our mind is a complex one; it is a place where logic and randomness meets.

We run our lives by doing actions. We wake up, do our chores, go to our jobs, return, engage in entertaining things, and do all other th...


  1. I agree. We all do some things sobconciously. We are all coded like a program. To do certain things. To be in a limit. Ninety nine percent people does the same as they're coded by the family, siblings, friends, teachers.
    Is it really necessary to follow the same pattern, tradition, be in a limit. Like we're a program.
    The remaining one percent people breaks the code by not following the traditional coding.
    They are the only ones who rule this world. Then they programmed remaining people.
    We should know what's our motive. To be programmed or to make program.
    Either become king or to follow the kingdom.

    1. Yes, it's necessary to break the code if you want to stand out.. It's called "out of the box" thinking.