Tips for Leading a Positive Life

8/15/2017 Shayoni Majumder 2 Comments

Tips for leading positive life

In this world, we all have a purpose to fulfil. We have goals and responsibilities. In the midst of everything and doing things to achieve the purpose of our lives we often forget ourselves. And more than that we make us suffer without even sometimes knowing it. We live under stress and pressure and accept it as a way of life. These things lead us to irritation and other negative things.

However to live life in a good way we need positivity to surround us. Positive things and people give us feeling of relaxation. Then we can get going with doing what we have to do in our lives. Here, I am giving you all some tips on how to lead a positive life.

1. Try to stay physically healthy

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Take care of yourself physically and keep your body fit. Eat healthy diet and take proper rest. You can’t even think properly if you are unable to distract your attention from your sick and unhealthy body. Also a healthy body boosts you confidence and hence induce positivity in you thinking.

2. Read and Listen to Positive Things

Make it your regular habit to read good books which motivates you along with entertaining you. A good book is your best friend. Make the choice of books you read wisely. Take suggestion from your friends, family or colleagues. Books go deep into your mind and induce their message in a sub-conscious way. Hence, read inspiring stories, fictions and biographies.

Along with reading listening also goes deep into your mind and action. Listen to motivational speeches and surround yourself with people who stay positive and also lead a positive life.

3. Give Space to Yourself

Make time for yourself from your busy schedule. Meditation is a good way to spend time with yourself. Introspect and observe things around you. In this way you will find peace and know yourself better. Have a keen observation for the connectivity of body and soul. Develop a spiritual feeling for this. Not only your body and mind contributes you, your spirit also contributed to your positive wellness.

4. Remember to Smile

A good laugh can make your day. If you had a gloomy day, were not able to do pretty much thing and had a feeling of dissatisfaction, remember to smile. I know it is difficult to do so, but your day could have been worse. Smile because you love yourself anyway. Have people around you who make you smile and laugh.

5. Sharpen your Social Skills

Having people around you is good for you. Happiness comes from interaction and fun with people. Improve your communication and social skills to enhance the quality of your life. The good thing with being social is you focus outward instead of inward, thus not focusing on the negativity in your life.

In this world, we all have a purpose to fulfil. We have goals and responsibilities. In the midst of everything and doing thing...


  1. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

    1. Thank you, readers like you boost me to write more..