How to be a Motivational Friend

9/02/2017 Shayoni Majumder 0 Comments

In life we all need company to keep us occupied and to share our world. Friends are an essential factor in our mental growth. When we are kids they decide what to play, when we are teens they shape our thoughts, when we are adults they become a partner in our actions. In any way they keep us occupied and prevent us from being lonely especially in difficult times. As we grow our choice of friends change. First quantity would be a factor and then later on quality will start making influence in our choices.

Now, we always tend to focus on having good friends, friends who will support us through ups and downs. We are always preoccupied with having friends rather than being one, a good one. If we try to care about being a good person for someone else, just think how the world can change. Instead of keeping expectation from others why not be an example of a good friend.

Remember, a good friend always keeps his or her company motivated. He or she should always be supportive in their friends’ good motives and guide them to choose the right path. People often tend to deviate towards wrong path, and that is where a good friend becomes a strong wall to keep their friend away from going there.

For being a motivational friend you should first focus on being a good person. You should keep your life as positive as possible so that it can have a good influence over people in your lives. People subconsciously notice your behavior and attitude towards various situations of life. Whenever you are in a presence of a friend, keep them inspired through your speech and action.

Be a person on whom your friend can trust and do not be judgmental about your friend. Respect is always earned, show respect to everyone in your friend circle and in return they too will respect you. Be a company with whom your friends can enjoy and talk their heart out. Loyalty matters a lot in friendship, maintain loyalty with your friends, keep their secret a secret if they want it to because there is no remedy of a broken trust.

If you are to be a supportive stem to your friend, learn the art of listening and be patient with it. Try to understand their point of view. After that ask them what help they need and tell them that you are there for them and the extent to which you can help. You should always keep a good communication to make your friends feel that they are being heard.

If you want to have good friends, you should be one first. Help each other to fulfil a good purpose. Use your experience to teach one another in their missions. Keep your friends morally clean, warn them if they are going in any wrong direction. Always keep giving advises and suggestions to be positive in their lives.

In life we all need company to keep us occupied and to share our world. Friends are an essential factor in our mental growth. When we ar...