Dealing with Obstacles

7/22/2017 Shayoni Majumder 0 Comments

Dealing with Obstacles

We face different kind of obstacles in our day to day life. Some of them are the ones for which we are prepared for, some of those are the ones we are not prepared for. Some of them are predictable, some are not. Obstacles are necessary in the path of success as they prepare us for hardships and make us strong. But there are some things that should be kept in mind to deal with obstacles which are mentioned as follows.

Sometimes the real obstacle is you yourself. We sometimes fear that we are unable to achieve anything and thus unable to succeed. This fear makes us paralyzed to make the next step. We do not believe our own ability to succeed. Every obstacle that comes from the
outside world can be hurdled if you believe in yourself. There is no chance to fight the world if you are the one stopping yourself.

The second thing we are afraid of is the obstacle itself. Even before facing anything, we fear the possibility to fail in dealing with any of it. Off course, it is inevitable that you will have to face problems and obstacles, but do not ever let it keep you down and inactive. The only way to go and grow further is to move forward anyway. Obstacles teach you a lot. Hence, instead of fearing it, take it as a challenge. For this, you will have to think of unique and creative ways but if you want something that badly, you will eventually find a way.

Pre-planning and preparing is a good way to tackle obstacles. Use your and others’ experience to make yourself prepared. Expect what is to come because in this way your life will disrupt lesser than what it would have been if you were not prepared. Pay attention to every possible detail and the consequences. The more efficiently you predict, the more confident you are. This eventually makes you a smarter person.

Obstacles vary in their nature. Some are easy and some are not depending on your experience and the ability to deal with them. But not for even a single time, take any obstacle lightly. Underestimating the situation makes it more of a threat to you and the concerned persons. Experience makes you good at a thing but do not let it make you over-confident. Keep your feet on earth and anticipate the situation as far as you can.


Do not worry so much, make yourself disciplined and organized, keep your energy saved and pre-plan for every situation that is to come. Remember to think of the consequences before taking every single step.

We face different kind of obstacles in our day to day life. Some of them are the ones for which we are prepared for, some of those are ...