The Great Masters of Our Life

9/10/2016 Shayoni Majumder 0 Comments

The Great Masters of Our Life

Right from we came into this world, we have been growing up ever since, both emotionally as well as physically. We learn how to do stuff, we learn how to talk, what to talk, then we learn how to get around everything and everyone. We learn and people as well as situations teach us. It's a two way process. These people and situations are the great masters of our life. Some are the same kind of people and situations we face, and some of them differ for different people. In this post I will talk about a few of the many great masters of out lives.


For most of us, the first person we meet after coming to this world are our parents. They nurture and take care of us. We tend to follow them and walk on the paths they lead us through. They constitute in the very basic nature that we conceive. They help us through our decisions and are always there for us.


By life, I mean all the happenings and situations we face. Time makes us face the best and the worst. Dealing with these create our experiences that help us facing further situations. The life works like this and eventually makes us wiser and wiser. In life the one who is the fittest survives. We all know, it works out like this only since the evolution of life on earth.


Teachers are the next essential forming factors of our lives after our parents. Apart from educating, they shape our thoughts. If parents are our roots then teachers are the sunlight which gives the direction to grow towards. Through their knowledge and experiences they help us and teach us to stand tall and straight through the storms of life.


Friends are the ones who are contemporary to us and thus are emotionally supportive elements of life. They remind us that we are not alone. They may be not experienced like our parents and teachers, but they exactly know and feel what we face. They are stars in a dark night who keep reminding us to not leave hope.


Foes are as important as friends, yin and yang of our life. Enemies help us distinguish who our friends are. They put challenges and obstacles and are the troublemakers of our life. But hey! how we are supposed to know to combat any trouble if no one puts us through it. That's why enemies are important.

The list is never-ending one. But the above mentioned people and factors are the ones who shape the road of our life.

Right from we came into this world, we have been growing up ever since, both emotionally as well as physically. We learn how to do stuff...