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2/01/2010 Shayoni Majumder 2 Comments

Nobody can give a perfect explanation or exact definition of life. So, what is life. To whom we can say has life. Can we say that the person has life because his heart is beating? For instance, can we say a person, who is in coma, has life? In my opinion this is not life, no not at all. Life is actually living it, experiencing what's inside it, whether difficulties or enjoyments.

Life is actually a mixture of various elements. These elements decide that how one's life is going to be. Different persons have different elements in different proportions. So now the question arises, what are these elements. No these are not the the elements of Chemistry :D . These are the ups and downs of life, all the experiences, all the tastes of life.....

Two categories of these elements are - sorrowfulness and happiness. One is dark side of life and the other one is the bright side.

Now what is sorrowfulness or sadness.... Well it is the situation which we feel is very unpleasant, which is not favourable to our state of mind. Some person exist there who cannot withstand this melancholy, and end their life. Which means that they are not able to withstand with one of the element of life. They do not understand that this is part and parcel of the life which they are going to end. This major element cannot be torn apart from life because life is not at all fulfilled without this. These sort of people do this just because they get this element in somewhat larger proportion. No.......this is not at all right. We don't have any right to destroy this precious gift of god. So accept this as a part of life.

Now how about the other element which, who the fool doesn't want. I am telling about happiness. For some people this is scattered all around them and for some this is just a dream, if they get it they think that they will get everything. Happiness is not just a word, it has many sparkling dimensions. Its meaning is different for different people. Happiness is, for instance, money for some, love for some, prosperity for some and things like this for some others. And of course there are some people for whom meaning of happiness is making others happy. This is because

It is easy to make others sad but much difficult to make others gratified.

So the conclusion is ........

Live life to the fullest because who can say whether god will give another chance to live it or not.

Nobody can give a perfect explanation or exact definition of life. So, what is life. To whom we can say has life. Can we say that the perso...


  1. Wonderful progress! I am happy to see you developing into a thoughtful human being.

  2. Nic description of lyf !! Keep it up !! God Bless U !!